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Middle Eastern
Theatre of Operations


Troops on the move. Command car on far left. Tunis, Tunisia May 1943

(Photo Courtesy of Life Magazine)



This WC-57 belonged to the ATC (Air Transportation Command) 

based at Muharraq,  Bahrain, 1943. The caption reads:


"Ancients Piled Coral Sand to Build Bahrain's Prehistoric Tumuli.
Thousands of such artificial mounds dot the depression 

near air-conditioned quarters at Awali. Some of them are 

probably 4,000 years old, but who built them is still a mystery."


(National Geographic Magazine)





This photo is from the website, " Marshall Stelzriede's Wartime 

Story - Experiences of a B-17 Navagator". The photo was taken

 in Iran in the Caucasus Mountains in March of 1944 of 

members of the 27th Air Transport Group, 87th Squadron.

AMEPKNA - Russian translation for America.