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Patton and the Command Car


One of Patton's personal command cars modified
in Britian in May, 1944 for use in France:




Side View: Note pedestal mounted 50 caliber MG on right running board.




Rear View: Note rear step plate. It was constructed from
the tailgate of a weapons carrier variant of this vehicle.




Close-up of 50 caliber pedestal mount.




Front View: Note metal plating protecting
radiator, air horns, and three star
general identifications.



The welding armor plates onto the body tub.



Various Photographs of Patton with Command Cars









"Lt. Col. Lyle Bernard, CO, 30th Infantry Regiment,
a prominant figure in the second daring amphibious
landing behind enemy line on Sicily's north coast,
discusses military strategy with Lt. General
George S. Patton near Brolo, Provence of
Messina, Sicily.

From the NARA Collection





Patton in a WC-56 command car passing
through a badly damaged Sicilian city.

[Patton Museum]




General George S. Patton and Auguste Nogues,
French commander in chief of North Africa
and Resident General of Morocco.

[Patton Museum]




General George S. Patton and
Field Marshal Bernard L. Mongomery
seated in a 3/4 ton command car.






General George S. Patton
seated in a command car.




General George S. Patton observing enemy action on the front near

St. Stefano, Italy, and talking to Capt. Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe

of Oklahoma at forward command post.

August 2, 1943










General George S. Patton and Lt. General James Doolittle

riding in a WC-56 command car welcome home parade
Los Angeles, California June 9th, 1945








Secretary of War Henry Stimson visits the 96th Evac Hospital
during it's time in Ste-Mere-Eglise France. Also in the command
car are Generals Omar Bradley and George Patton.




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