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Pacific Theater of Operations


XXI Bomber Command HQ - Harmon Field Guam 1945


Command car and weapons carrier attached to the 41st Photo Reconnaissance Squadron stationed on Guam 1944-1945


71st Navy Construction Battalion convoy June 7th, 1945



RAAF Borneo landings beachmaster. 1945.


Japanese POWs seated in command car. Location unknown.


War correspondants, Charles Shannon and Howard Cook,
seated on the hood of a Service of Supply-South Pacific Area (SOS-SPA)
marked command car. Howard Cook was an artist correspondant
who became one of America's best known print makers.



Tadji airstrip on Aitape New Guinea 100 Squadron RAAF May 26th, 1944.
(Aitape was part of the Wewak Campaign mounted by the Austrailian 6th Division Dec. 44 to Aug. 45)



Vella Lavella Island Solomans 1943


The following pictures with captions are from personal album of Captain Leslie Gehres

 commander of Fleet Air Wing Four. From Kodiak Military History Museum website:





Captain Leslie E. Gehres 

(Command car in background)





"Gehres, officers, PBY, command car"




"Command car and driver. On jacket 'N. ALT, Fleet Air Wing Four.'

On car: 'R21 Fleet Air Wing' "


Kodiak Alaska Fleet Air Wing Four, 1943. Photo caption lists:

"My 'Blitz Buggy' with special metal doors - to replace canvas curtains.

 Also has a heater! Getting ready to go west. Gehres & one officer, car 

doors open, Yagis on pole, wing behind car."






From the website of Lt. Colonel O.H. Davidmeyer who was head of communications in the Pacific Theater under the command of Douglas MacArthur:

The  photos above are of a command car that was deliberately "sunk." Seems that vehicles were not readily available from the motor pool when jungle recons were necessary. So, this resourceful group would deliberately run a vehicle off a road and "lose" it in deep water. After it  was written off as lost by the motor pool, Dave would send his engineers down to retrieve it. Once they cleaned it up and got it running again it became a communications jeep.

(Photo courtesy of )


Dodge Command Car serving with 

tank unit of the Dutch forces in 

Surinam (Dutch West Indies) 

 (Picture through Hans Heesakkers).



Charles Flick from Miami, FL sent this picture in of a command car 

being pulled out of the mud somewhere in the Philippines.



The above pictures were taken at Clark Field in the Philippines by

members of the 2nd Emergency Rescue Squadron

Photos courtesy of Jim Teegarden's great website:




Kingston Winget sent in this picture of a command car in Occupied Japan 1946/47.


Crashed B-24 "Gus's Bus" in Fenton, Northern Territory 

1944 with command car in background. This photograph was 

provided by  Ed Crabtree who was a B-24 pilot in the 

380 BG, 530th Bomber Squadron, based in Fenton 1944. 


More pictures of this B-24  Liberator can be seen 

at "The Old CMP Site"  which is maintained by 

Keith Webb and has information and pictures

 of Canadian Military Pattern vehicles and more.

To visit this site click on the Url below:



Photos of General Carl A. Spaatz and other dignitaries 

awaiting the return of the Enola Gay and her 

crew from mission to Hiroshima. 




Larry Adler (left), Carole Landis, and Jack Benny pose

 in front of a Dodge Command Car during a tour 

somewhere in the South Pacific. 

[U.S. Army photo]



New Guinea, December 1943 -Australian vehicles lined 

up on a muddy road waiting to cross the Song River.

Note the command car on left side of picture.

(Photo courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.)



John Wayne in front of a B-25 Mitchell and a WC-56 command car.





(Photo courtesy of the Australian War Memoria.)



Two command cars slugging it through the mud -  Leyte Province, Philippines

[Photo taken from the book "Bombs Away - The AAF's Photographic History" 

Wm. H. Wise &  Co., Inc. Publishers 1947]



Labuan Island (North Borneo) 1945.

 Vehicles of the 2/7 Field Company, Royal Australian

 Engineers along the Cantonment road.

(Photo courtesy of Australian War Memorial)



Melbourne, VIC September 15th,1945. 

Vehicles destined for the RAAF are lined up with their

Womans Auxiliary Australian Airforce drivers.

(Photo courtesy of Australian War Memorial)





RAAF airmen from No. 76 Kittyhawk Squadron posing with 

Dodge WC-56 command car at Momote, Los Negros Island, 

Admiralty Islands - April 1944 

(Photo courtesy of Australian War Memoria)







Command car of the 79th RAAF Spitfire Squadron
 at Momote, Los Negros Island, Admiralty Islands - April 1944 



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