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European Theater of Operations



General Eisenhower and P.M. Winston Churchill inspecting a

U.S. artillery regiment in the UK just before the D-Day invasion.








Command car of the 1119th Quartermaster Company, RAF Grafton Underwood - UK




46th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company

Siegfried Line Winter 1945


Command car and vehicles of the 274th Armored Artillery Battalion 3rd Army




817th Engineers Battalion command car being unloaded from LST on Paestum beach

In the forground is Spitfire MX-P from the 31st FG, 307th FS shot down by the U.S.Navy

Salerno, Italy September 1943


Lawrence Hoehn, Italy 1945


Command car of the 113th Field Artillery Battalion
on the road to Spa, Belgium, December 1944




The Surrender of Palermo, Sicily

On July 22nd 1944, Major General Giuseppe Molinero surrendered the City of Palermo to
Major General Geoffrey Keyes. The following are photographs of that surrender:


General Keyes and General Molinero enter Palermo in
Keye's command car to accept the unconditional surrender of Palermo.

General Keyes climbing onto his command car after the
surrender. General Molinero looking on in defeat.




Major McCall and Captain Heely taking time out for lunch en route
to an artillery range. Meiningen, Germany June 22nd, 1945



Two Silver Star earner Father Marty Hoehn second from left
and his command car in back.
Sicily, 1943



A - Battery, 113th Field Artillery Battalion, on the Autobahn enroute from
Aschersleben to Possneck Germany May 29th, 1945




Airmen of the 427th BS, 303rd BG Molesworth, England 1944.



455th BG Main HQ San Giovanni Field, Italy.


Soldier parked in front of Notre Dame Cathredral's gift center 1944. Vente de Cierges = Candle Sale.


Soldiers inspecting a German 88 mm reusable anti-tank rocket
launcher called a Raketenwerfer 43 - PŁppchen.
August 7, 1944


Omaha Beach at Widerstandnest (WN) 65 just west of Ruquet (Saint Laurent sur Mer)
WN 65 was a light resistance nest consisting of 1 50mm Pak in pillbox,
1 50mm Pak in concrete emplacement, 1 75 mm gun, and 2 tobruks with mortars.




Knocked out Tiger tank. Elsdorf, Germany February 26, 1945.


Occupation of Germany post war photos. Note "Mil. Govt." markings on command car.
Photos taken some time between 1944 and 1946.




Boarding the ship in early June 1944 - Operation Overlord LCVP
USS Thurston (AP-77) boarding staff 5th BSE Omaha.
In the background the flag of Weymouth (Weymouth Pavilion)


Major General Manton S. Eddy, commander of the 9th U.S. ID
and Generalmajor Robert Sattler, commander of the
Fortress Cherbourg seated in a Dodge command car.



A U.S. convoy crosses St. Lo in ruins in August 1944 Walnut Street
from the foot of the upper town has been cleared and is used by collumns
of American vehicles encircling the city from the north to continue southward.



Eight Rangers of the 5 th Ranger Bn. just received the DSC for their
actions on June 6, 1944 and during the assault on Pointe du Hoc.



Master Sergeant Max Oppenheiwer, VII U.S. Corps (insignia painted on the helmet)
announcing the surrender of the garrison of Cherbourg June, 1944.



Colonel Cyrus C. Erickson (front passenger) 65th General
Hospital Botesdale, Suffolk East Anglia 1944 - 8TH USAAF


Maj. Samuel L. McCall in 113th FA Bn S-3 Command car.
On the autobahn enroute from Aschersleben to Possneck Germany. May 45



Men of the 316th Fighter Squadron. Damparis, France (September, 1944)



Buchenwald Concentration Camp Wiemar, Germany April 1945



Group photo of members of the 312th Depot Repair
Squadron, 41st Air Depot Group, 15th Airforce, Italy 1944
(Photo courtesy of Ernest Balajthy propeller mechanic in the 312th)


GI and his bride in the back of a command car.
(France, 1945)


A general and colonel shake hands after
the liberation of lower Normandy, France 1944


Bulldozers clear paths through St. Lo so that vehicles can head to the front.
(July, 1944)


Taking La Haye du Puits Normandy, France July 3rd, 1944
Soldier on right is carrying a Browning B.A.R.


Command car driving under the Portoni della Bra which was erected in 1480.
(Verona Italy, 1944)



A command car enters Stammlager 12A prison
camp shortly after it's liberation.

(Limburg, Germany 1945.)


German prisoners being marched through Cherbourg.
( France, 1944)


Command car and a jeep of the First Army
Gressnach, Germany November 30, 1944


Allied troops arrive at Piazza di San Pietro
(Saint Peters Square) Rome.

(June 1944.)


Command car of the 299th Combat Engineer Battalion
pulling a mobile command post which was salvaged
from a glider from D-Day.
(Photo provided by Michael S. Bunting, Comander "C" Co. 299th Engineers)


Command car of the 12th Airforce somewhere in Corsica.
Picture taken some time between 1944 and 1945

Photo courtesy of Frank Florianz


Drive towards Rome, Italy May 23rd, 1944
(Life Magazine Archives)




Command car of the 5th Army.
(Italy, 1945)



Augsbach, Germany June 10th, 1945




General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bernard Montgomery, and Air Marshall Sir Arthur 

Tedder overlooking an artillery problem. France 1944

(Photo courtesy of Life Magazine and restored by Steve Andersen)



U.S. Army Engineers Unit - Italy 1944

(Photo courtesy of Life Magazine)


Liberation of Paris 1944

(Photo courtesy of Life Magazine)



February 1945, German prisoners are led in command car
towards the HQ of the French Expeditionary Forces
6th RTM, to be questioned there.

The 2nd & 6th RTM (Moroccan Infantry Regiments) were redesignated,
after their heavy combat losses, as the 2nd & 6th 
Regiments Mixtes de Tirailleurs Marocains et Algerians.
Later, in August 1944, they were renamed 1st
Regiments de Tirailleurs Algeriens and 6th RTM.



Command car casualty location unknown.


Command cars outside a field hospital at Liblar Germany, 1945 

(Photo taken by Sergeant Walter Schreck of the
36th Combat Infantry Battalion, 3rd Armored Division.)  



1st Armored Signal Battalion receives
mess in Cultanissetta, Italy
(Photo courtesy of Timothy Shanteler)




Floodwaters from the Meuse river in Nomur,
Belgium January 1945 during the Battle
of the Bulge after the snow melted.  

(Photo courtesy of Michael Haines)


Two German officer POWs seated in a command car.
(Location unknown)


ETO HQ. Jan 7th 1946. With the thawing of snow in the vicinity of Chervaux
Luxembourg, all white camouflage paint has to be removed from U.S. vehicles.
PFC Donald Townsend, of Port Jefferson Station Long Island,is doing the job
on this command car. A Btry. 731st F.A. Bn. 17th A/b Div.
(Photo courtesy of Michael Haines)


Checkerboard command car used by the 338 Bomb Squadron - 96th Bomb Group

 Snetterton Heath, England -  June 1943 to December 1945



Sgt. Charles R. Woodfall, 35th Signal Company, in front of a 
command car that was the Radio Station used to connect 
HQ 134 to the Division HQ. "The Captain of the HQ Company 
kinda liked our Command car, and would ride with us
during our race across France with Patton."

134th Infantry Regiment

"All Hell Can't Stop Us"




Picture was taken in Poltava Russia Between June 3 and June 8, 1944
during the 15th Air Force landing ofthe 1st Shuttle Raid to Russia
(Operation Frantic Joe). This command car is pulling a Class 1010 crash fire trailer.

Photo courtesy of Bill Wolf who's father participated in this mission as a B-17 pilot. Bill has an excellent
website dedicated to the GMC CCKW.



Merrill Boyce sent in this picture of a WC-57 wreck.
Location is somewhere in southern Italy not far
from Maglie, in the heel.


Command Car from the 36th Infantry Division driving through thick mud
in November of 1943 in the Mignano, Italy - San Pietro sector.
(Texas Military Forces Museum photo.)





 General Omar Bradley, General Dwight Eisenhower, and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill, visited the 2nd Armored Division at Tidworth, England.
(Photo taken from the book "Breakout At Normandy-The Second Armored Division in the Land of the Dead"
written by Mark Bando (page 12,1999, MBI Publishing Company, Osceola, WI))

 Clouds of smoke pour out over the Unter Den Linden in Berlin
after Russian workers set off dynamite charges to destroy the
wreckage of the Adlon Hotel on August 22, 1945.

(Photo by Charles Haacker, Acme War Correspondent)



Various army vehicles including command cars being unloaded off an LST in Normandy, France.
(National Archives photo courtesy of John Varner)



General George C. Marshall lands in Normandy!
(National Archives photo courtesy of John Varner)


GIs enjoying the view of Mont St. Michel. Mont St. Michel is on
the north coast of France, near the border of Brittany and
Normandy. St. Michael is a surety for freedom and thus
this sanctuary also became a symbol of the allied landing in
Normandy during the Second World War.

(National Archives photo courtesy of John Varner)


GI and command car Mont St. Michel, France





GI's posing in front of command car. Location unknown.
(From the book "Dodge" by Emile Becker and Guy
Dentzer. Photo courtesy of John Varner)



U.S. troops passing through Rennes France August 1944.
(From the book "Dodge" by Emile Becker and Guy
Dentzer. Photo courtesy of John Varner)



Soviet Army General G. K. Zhukov in Berlin reviewing
US troops in a WC-56 from the 82nd Airborne Division.

(From the book "Dodge" by Emile Becker and Guy
Dentzer. Photo courtesy of John Varner)



England's King George in Africa riding in an early WC-56. Note: Dodge
plate above radiator grill and blackout light mounted above headlight on right side.

(From the book "Dodge" by Emile Becker and Guy
Dentzer. Photo courtesy of John Varner)




GIs unloading cases of Coke from a WC-56 command car.
(Photo courtesy of John Varner)



Officers with this WC-56 are observing night troop landing
practice at an assault training center in Devon England before
the invasion of France. Note the markings on the front bumper: 

ASLT         TRG  CTR
(Photo taken from the book "Spearheading D-Day - American Special Forces
in Normandy" by Jonathan Gawne - Histoire & Collections publisher)


WC-56 in camouflage shortly after the landings in France, 1944.
(Photo taken from the book "Spearheading D-Day - American Special Forces
in Normandy" by Jonathan Gawne - Histoire & Collections publisher)



Officers of the 229th Field Artillery Battalion, 28th
Division, in and about a Command Car in front of the
Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France
(August, 1944.)   


Dodge command cars and other various vehicles including weapons carriers
gathered at the parking area of Hitler's "Eagles Nest" near Berchtesgaden, June 1945.
(Photo courtesy of Tony Vaccaro and his book "Entering Germany 1944 -1949" Taschen Books.)



Command car (upper right) crossing the Rhine River near the
town of St. Goar March 29th 1945. Picture taken from
the website, " Bob Gallagher's World War II Experiences".




This command car, which was used by an American intelligence team,
is parked in front of a German aircraft factory. The picture
was taken shortly after the factory's occupation by the Allies.



Dodge command car outfitted with radio set.

(Photo courtesy of the Patton Museum.)



Just behind Utah Beach a Dodge command car from the 915th 
Field Artillery Bn, 90th Infantry Division receives directions from an MP. 
Note the German bunker camouflaged as a French house.

(Photo taken from the book "Spearheading D-Day - American Special Forces
in Normandy" by Jonathan Gawne - Histoire & Collections publisher.)




Dodge command car pulling a jeep from the mud. 308th Fighter
Squadron,31st Fighter Group, Termini, Imerese Airfield, Sicily, 1943.
Note:The word "DIME" stenciled on the lower body just behind the
spare tire on the commandcar and on the back of the Jeep. 
"DIME" was code for the beaches at Gela, Sicily.
(Photo taken from the book "Fighter Command" by Jeffrey 
L. Ethell and Robert T. Sand - Motorbooks International 
Publishers. Picture taken by William J. Skinner)




Dodge command car crossing the Rhine river - Germany 1944

(Photo courtesy of U.S. Naval Institute)




Travelling past bombed out buildings, a command car carrying US Gens. 

(backseat, L-R) C.H. Hodges, George C. Marshall & Dwight Eisenhower & 2

 un identified. officers in front during visit of top US brass to 

Normandy areas after successful WWII Allied D-Day invasion.




Travelling past bombed out buildings, a command car carrying US Gens. 

(backseat, L-R) C.H. Hodges, George C. Marshall & Dwight Eisenhower & 2

 un identified. officers in front during visit of top US brass to 

Normandy areas after successful WWII Allied D-Day invasion.

(Photo courtesy of Life Magazine)





GI's look on while Amer. Gen. Carl A. Spaatz speaks to Gen. Henry "Hap" Arnold 

and Gen. Laurence S. Kuter who are seated in jeep during inspection of airfield 

while on US High Command tour of Normandy invasion area following 

WWII Allied D-Day invasion ofFrance June 15, 1944.

(Photo courtesy of Life Magazine)





14th of June, 1944 - Brigadier General James Wharton, commander of the first
Engineer Special Brigade, escorts Admiral Harold Stark, commander
of naval forces in Europe, on an inspection of Utah Beach in a WC-57
command car. Seated is Rear Admiral Alan Kirk.
(Photo taken from the book "Spearheading D-Day - American Special Forces
in Normandy" by Jonathan Gawne - Histoire & Collections publisher)









More inspection photos by high ranking officers near Normandy Beach.

(Photos courtesy of Life Magazine)




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